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Dutch Junior Lions Headcoach bij Giants Thanksgiving party!

Als mystery guest is Wouter van den Boogaard aanwezig bij de Thanksgiving party van de Groningen Giants. Ook wel bekend als de nieuwe Dutch Junior Lions Headcoach!

Hij wil samen met de clubs in Nederland aan de weg timmeren op gebied van derde jeugd! De Groningen Giants zijn een groot voorstander van deze gezamenlijke wederopbouw.

Hulde voor Wouter! Wil je meer over hem weten? Lees dan het interview dat hij had met

5 vragen aan… Wouter vd Boogaard

Groningen Giants Offense vs Defense December 2nd

The Groningen Giants are hosting a scrimmage Offense vs Defense!
Will the Offense be unstoppable or will the Defense conquer?
The date will be December 2nd.

Warmup starts at 17:00, game will start around 17:30

Goal of the Offense is to stand in correct allignment, gain as many first downs as possible and to end the drives with a score!

Goal of the Defense is to change alignment on offense formation, read run/pass, act accordingly and work together.

As a TEAM we want to focus on assignments, eliminate mistakes, have fun and get ready as a team for the upcoming season!

All American Thanksgiving party with the Giants!

Playing American sports includes the benefits of organising American parties!

Therefore, we plan Thanksgiving the American way! Loads of food, football and fun!

Come join the Giants on this date!

Free entrance and football for everyone. If you want to join in on the Thanksgiving buffet, you can get a wristband for only 19,50 at the bar!